Council & Committee Meetings

Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee

About the committee

To communicate and work to address the needs of citizens within the community for whom barriers exist to accessing safe, suitable, and affordable housing, including the supports needed to enable citizens to obtain and retain their homes.

To support the City of Hamilton’s 10-year Housing and Homelessness Action Plan by providing information, advice, and recommendations regarding the Action Plan’s successful and meaningful implementation.

Committee type: Advisory Committee
Reports to: Healthy and Safe Communities Committee
Meeting schedule: Six to eight times per year, at the call of the Chair in consultation with HHAC members and City staff liaison. 


The following objectives have been established for the HHAC to facilitate its efforts in achieving the mandate.

  1. Assist with the coordination and implementation of Council approved recommendations, including the City of Hamilton’s 10-year Housing and Homelessness Action Plan.
  2. Ensure that recommendations regarding issues relating to people who are experiencing homelessness or who may be at risk of becoming homeless are brought forward to Council in a timely manner.
  3. Devise and recommend to Council innovative and preventative measures to assist in addressing homelessness within the community.
  4. Identify emerging trends, potential gaps and best practices in emergency shelter needs.
  5. Provide Council and staff with information, advice, and recommendations about residential landlord and tenant issues and policies that would improve the overall well-being of tenants in Hamilton and support landlords in the provision of safe, quality, and affordable rental units.
  6. Identify housing-related supports available in the community and facilitate relationship-building between community partners, citizens and government to ensure that people have the individualized supports needed to help them obtain and retain housing.
  7. Regularly update Council about homelessness and affordable housing issues through the discussion and analysis that takes place at HHAC.
  8. Respond to requests and direction from staff and Council.
  9. Collaborate and cooperate with other City of Hamilton committees and community groups doing work around issues that impact homelessness and affordable housing to stay apprised of relevant initiatives and contribute information and advice as needed. 


The HHAC is comprised of 12-15 Council appointed volunteer citizens with experience or strong interest in homelessness prevention and the provision of affordable housing. Citizens with backgrounds or experiences that reflect a unique or relevant perspective to any aspect of the homelessness and housing continuum are encouraged to apply for membership.

Two (2) members of City Council will be appointed as representatives to the HHAC.

The term of the members of the HHAC is for four years to coincide with the term of City Council. 


The following resources will be made available to the HHAC:

  • City staff liaison(s) will provide staff support
  • meeting facilities that are adequate and accessible will be provided
  • the advisory committee may request information or support voluntarily received from other experts in the fields of health, legal, housing, planning, etc. to assist in formulating appropriate recommendations and for work-planning purposes.

General information

City of Hamilton Procedural By-law 14-300  - The HHAC is subject to City of Hamilton By-law 14-300 being a By-law to Govern the Proceedings of Council and Committees of Council and shall use the Advisory Committee Procedural Handbookas a general guide.

Committee Chair and Vice Chair - Members will elect both a chair and vice-chair of the HHAC from its own membership.

Frequency of Meetings and Location - Regular meetings will be held six (6) to eight (8) times per year, at the call of the Chair in consultation with HHAC members and the City staff liaison at Hamilton City Hall. Regular meetings will not be scheduled during July, August or December but special meetings may be called during those months.

Working Groups - Working groups may be established by the HHAC to meet informally without the requirements of City staff liaisons for a defined purpose in achieving a goal. 

James O'Brien
Senior Project Manager Housing & Homelessness
Housing Services - City of Hamilton
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext 3728
Fax:  905 546 3401
Email: [email protected]

  • Councillor Nrinder Nann
  • Councillor Maureen Wilson - Alternate
  • Eileen Campbell
  • Mary-Ellen Crechiola
  • Leisha Dawson
  • Lance Dingman
  • Sandy Leyland
  • Tony Manganiello
  • Rhonda Mayer
  • Tom Mobley
  • Violetta Nikolskaya
  • Alexandra Djagba Oli
  • Michael Power
  • Michael Slusarenko
  • Morgan Stanek
  • Julia Verbitsky
  • Shaun-Ross Woon-Jamieson