Council & Committee Meetings

Keep Hamilton Clean and Green Committee

About the committee

To provide input and advice to staff and Council on engaging citizens to take greater responsibility for improving our community environments.Primary focus is on effecting behaviours and attitudes conducive to a clean, healthy and safe community through leadership and action.

To provide input and guidance to City staff, Council and other stakeholders on community involvement, private sector involvement and identification of resources to sustain Clean City programs and initiatives that aim to beautify our community, promote environmental stewardship and prevent litter, illegal dumping and graffiti.

Committee type: Advisory Committee
Reports to: Public Works Committee
Meeting schedule: At the Call of the Chair
Formerly known as: Clean City Liaison Committee

Role of Committee

The role of the Keep Hamilton Clean and Green Committee is to encourage Hamilton residents, property owners and visitors to engage in neighbourhood/community initiatives that aim to beautify our community and prevent litter, illegal dumping and graffiti as well as promoting desired behaviours in the community that support the Clean and Green Hamilton goals.


The Keep Hamilton Clean and Green Committee is a Volunteer Advisory Committee that advises Council through the Public Works Committee. The Advisory Committee must comply with the Procedural By-laws, the Advisory Committee Handbook and operational policies and procedures. 

Responsibilities and Expectations of Committee Members

The members of the Keep Hamilton Clean and Green Committee (KHCGC) responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

(a) Attend and actively participate in committee meetings (11 scheduled monthly meetings).

(b) Demonstrate leadership in action through participation in events and activities.

(c) Assist with outreach and education opportunities in the community related to litter, illegal dumping, graffiti and beautification programs.

(d) Review reports, studies and other documents on litter, illegal dumping, graffiti and beautification issues that may be presented to the KHCGC by the City, consultants, community organizations or the general public, and to provide input and recommendations.

(e) Form subcommittees, from within the KHCGC membership, to deal with specific issues as they arise.

(f) Examine and advise on issues brought forward by members of the community including businesses, residents, education sector, local organizations and special interest groups.

(g) Assist in identifying and facilitating resolution of community concerns regarding litter, illegal dumping, graffiti and beautification.


Membership will reflect a broad range of socio-economic and environmental interests in the community, including residents, businesses, education and local organizations.


(a) Members must declare any conflict of interest issues prior to discussion or decision-making of any matter with which they believe they have an pecuniary interest;

(b) Members are asked to review all documents, agendas and minutes presented to them to make informed decisions; and

Some activities of the KHCGC may require additional time commitments dependent upon the nature of the project undertaken. 


The composition of the Keep Hamilton Clean and Green Committee will include the following voting members: The KHCGC will have a total of up to 16 members, comprised of:

Citizen members-at-large (five)

  • Citizen members who own/have experience related to the Hamilton business community (two)
  • Youth Representative(s) (up to two)
  • Council representative(s) (up to two)
  • HABIA representative (one)
  • Education Representative (one from each of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board)
  • Representatives of the Chambers of Commerce (up to two)

Staff and Outside Resources, as required:

  • KHCGC Staff Liaison
  • Hamilton Police Service representative
  • Economic Development and Planning – Municipal Law Enforcement representative
  • Public Works – Operations and Environmental Services Divisional representatives
  • Corporate Services – Customer Service Section representative
  • Other staff representatives, as required

Subcommittee membership can be expanded to include further community representation as deemed appropriate, upon approval of Council. 

Attendance and vacancies

If a member is absent for three (3) meetings in a calendar year without approval from the KHCGC, the member may be subject to replacement. New members will be appointed in accordance with the procedures of the Office of the City Clerk.

Term of Office

The term-of-office for KHCGC members will expire to coincide with the term of Council or until such time as successors are appointed by Council.

Diedre Rozema
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext.5089
Email: [email protected]

  • Councillor Nrinder Nann
  • Marisa DiCenso, HWCDSB Representative
  • Sue Dunlop, HWDSB Representative
  • Heather Donison
  • Brenda Duke
  • Danielle Hudson
  • Richard Lipsitt
  • Lennox Toppin
  • Felicia Van Dyk
  • Leisha Dawson