Council & Committee Meetings

Non Union Compensation Sub-Committee

About the committee

The objectives of the Non-Union Compensation Committee are:

  • to help Council fulfil its oversight responsibilities, including the accountable management of public funds, the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of compensative policies and practices and the upholding of a competitive total compensation program that will ensure the City’s competitiveness with the Market Competitiveness Comparator Group;
  • to ensure compliance with employment regulations and compensation policies;
  • to ensure reliability of external and internal reporting;
  • to strengthen the compensation function by providing a forum for communicating findings to Council;
  • to communicate the concerns of City Council to the external consultants who do the annual market compensation reviews and to have input into the overall direction of annual market compensation reviews; and
  • to promote effective and timely resolution of compensation issues.
  • Councillor Maria Pearson
  • Councillor Terry Whitehead
  • Councillor Lloyd Ferguson

Stephanie Paparella, Legislative Coordinator
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 3993
Email: [email protected]

Committee type: Advisory Committee
Reports to: General Issues Committee
Composition: 3 Members of Council


The Non-Union Compensation Committee’s principal role is to ensure that due diligence has been directed towards ensuring that the City of Hamilton’s core pay principles of market competitiveness and internal equity are maintained as part of the City’s Salary Plan Policy.  This framework provides reasonable assurance that the operational and regulatory objectives of the City are achieved and that the governance and accountability responsibilities of Council and management are met.  The Non-Union Compensation Committee fulfils its’ role on behalf of City Council.                                                  

The Non-Union Compensation Committee undertakes, on behalf of Council, responsibility for the annual review of the Management & Exempt Group compensation policies and practices to ensure that the principles of market competitiveness and internal equity are being maintained in compliance with the City’s Salary Plan Policy.


The Non-Union Compensation Committee will be comprised of the three (3) members of Council.  Members will be appointed for the term of Council.  The chair person of the Committee will be nominated and approved at the first Committee meeting in the term of the current Council.  The Committee reports to Committee of the Whole.

The Non-Union Compensation Committee shall meet not less than two (2) times a year to coincide with the annual budget process.  Special meetings may be convened at the discretion of the Chair.  The Executive Director, Human Resources or the Manager, Compensation & Organization Design can also request a meeting of the Non-Union

Compensation Committee.  A quorum for any meeting will be three (3) members. The Executive Director, Human Resources, the Manager, Compensation & Organization Design, the City Manager, the General Manager of Finance & Corporate Services and any other staff deemed necessary shall also attend the meetings.

Roles and Responsibilities

Control Framework
The Non-Union Compensation Committee has the following control functions:

  • ensure that corporate activities are managed with an appropriate degree of care and due diligence and within an appropriate framework of ethics and control;
  • obtain assurances that the City has compensation policies and procedures which are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • review compensation policies and procedures that preserve the City’s pay philosophy with management and External Consultants; and
  • ensure that the City has implemented appropriate internal control systems over compensation policies and practices and that these are operating effectively.

In Reference to Compensation Section of Human Resources
The Non-Union Compensation Committee:

  • approves any revisions to the Non-Union Compensation pay philosophy mandate and Non-Union Total Compensation Policies;
  • recommends the appointment of any External Consultant to the Non-Union Compensation Committee;
  • confirms the annual market review work plan of the Compensation Section;
  • receives and reviews the results of the annual external market review for the Management & Professional Exempt Group by ensuring that appropriate action has been taken;
  • ensures the Manager, Compensation & Organization Design has direct and open communication with the Committee; and
  • discusses the scope and timing of the compensation review with the External Consultant with particular reference to the City’s pay philosophy as well as any emerging compensation issues.

In Reference to External Compensation Consultant
The Non-Union Compensation Committee:

  • approves the recommendation of the Compensation Section for the appointment of any External Consultant;
  • approves the External Consultant’s annual fees.  In addition, the nature of and fees for other services that have been provided by an External Consultant are reviewed annually;
  • receives and reviews the annual external market compensation review and forwards it to Committee of the Whole for information and any necessary recommendations that flow from the market compensation review; and
  • provides a scheduled opportunity, as required, to meet with the External Consultant for full, frank and timely discussions of all material issues, with or without management, as appropriate to the circumstances.

The Non-Union Compensation Committee:

  • requests special compensation studies to fulfil its objectives; and,
  • reviews and updates, if necessary, the Non-Union Compensation Committee Terms of Reference with every term of Council.