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City of Hamilton Flag Protocol

Lowering of flags to half-staff

The City of Hamilton's flags are flown at the half-staff position as a sign of mourning on the passing of:

  • Sovereign or a member of the Royal Family related in the first degree to the Sovereign
  • Governor General of Canada (current/former)
  • Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (current/former)
  • Canadian Prime Minister (current/former)
  • Ontario Premier (current/former)
  • Mayor (current/former)
  • Member of Council (current/former)
  • Local Member of Federal or Provincial Government and Senators (current/former)
  • Current City Employees including Police, EMS and Fire Services to be lowered at the employee’s immediate workplace. Should the workplace not fly flags, the flags flown at City Hall will be lowered to half-staff

Half-staffing will also occur on:

  • Remembrance Day, November 11
  • Worker’s Day of Mourning, April 28
  • Events/special circumstances such as events deemed to represent a significant tragedy or a loss of life, including publicly announced Canadian Forces fatal casualty on any Canadian or Canadian-involved mission at home or abroad

Current status of flags

Flags are currently flying at full-staff.

Updates on the flying of flags at half-staff are shared via this webpage, and the City’s Twitter account @cityofhamilton.

Raising of community flags at City Hall

Community groups and organizations may request a community flag be flown at City Hall to recognize an event, a historical event or a specific month.

  • Requests are to be submitted at least four weeks prior to the requested date and must include the required information.
  • Flags flown by special request, if the request is granted by the Mayor’s Office, will be flown for an appropriate period specified.
  • If the request is to fly a cultural or fundraising flag, the flag must have grommets and be provided to the City of Hamilton. The flag will be returned once flag raising period has concluded.
  • At no time will the City of Hamilton display flags deemed to be inappropriate, offensive in nature or those supporting discrimination, prejudice, political, commercial entities or religious movements.
  • One request per organization per calendar year will be permitted. Requests will be considered on a first come first serve basis.

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For more information about the City’s Flag Protocol

Rules for flying the National Flag of Canada

The City of Hamilton follows federal protocol in flying the national flag of Canada at half-staff on certain occasions, including as directed by the Department of Canadian Heritage for all federal government buildings.

Visit the Government of Canada website for rules for flying the National Flag of Canada.


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