Planning Applications

Formal Consultation

Bill 109 - the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022

On April 14, 2022, Bill 109 received Royal Assent. Bill 109 makes legislative changes to the Planning Act and Development Charges Act. As such, development planning processes are currently under review and may result in changes to submission requirements and fees. Check back regularly as the City will post links to regulation and process changes related to Bill 109 as they become available.

Formal consultation is the first step in the planning application process.

Prior to submitting an application, property owners or developers are required to attend a meeting with Planning staff. This meeting will provide an opportunity to meet with staff and outside agencies to understand the standards and expectations for various Planning Act applications.

Request a Formal Consultation

You need to include a sketch, brief description of the proposal, and any applicable fees in order for the form to be considered complete.

Formal Consultation fee: $1,260. Fee will be credited to any required future planning application, excluding the Committee of Adjustment.

Submit the completed request form and fee in person to:

City of Hamilton
71 Main Street West, 1st Floor
Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4Y5
Attention: Development Planning

After you submit your request

Once we receive your request, a meeting will be set up within four weeks with the Development Review Committee.

Shortly after this meeting, you will receive a document in the mail that will:

  • identify key issues
  • outline all required Planning Act applications
  • list any required plans, reports and/or studies such as tree preservation plans, traffic impact studies, noise or vibration studies, environmental assessments and archeological assessments required to implement the proposal

The owner or authorized agent must sign the Formal Consultation Document and submit it along with the associated Planning Act application(s), the prescribed information and materials in order for the application(s) to be considered complete.