Planning Applications

Official Plan Amendment

Bill 109 - the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022

On April 14, 2022, Bill 109 received Royal Assent. Bill 109 makes legislative changes to the Planning Act and Development Charges Act. As such, development planning processes are currently under review and may result in changes to submission requirements and fees. Check back regularly as the City will post links to regulation and process changes related to Bill 109 as they become available.

The Official Plan guides the development of the city by identifying where and under what circumstances certain types of lands uses can be located. If a proposal to develop land does not conform to the Official Plan policies and/or land use designation applied to those lands, an Official Plan Amendment will need to be made.

Submit an application for an Official Plan Amendment

The process to obtain an Official Plan Amendment may take a minimum of four to six months to complete, after we receive your completed application including any supporting studies. The level of complexity and issues related to your proposal will affect this timeline.

Before submitting an application, a Formal Consultation is often required.

The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Confirm whether an Official Plan Amendment is necessary
  • Provide initial feedback on the proposed amendment
  • Outline information, studies, and reports such as noise or vibration studies, traffic impact studies, environmental assessments or archaeological assessments that you need to support your application
  • Confirm whether you will need other approvals such as an Zoning By-law Amendment

Before you submit your application Planning staff may suggest that you consult with other City departments or agencies. You may also want to schedule a community information meeting.

This application form is to be used by persons or public bodies wishing to amend the land use designations (official plan or zoning) for a specific property in the City of Hamilton. In this form, the term "subject land" means the land that is subject of the proposed amendment. It is also to be used for any proposal to amend existing approved official plan policy or zone provisions.

You will need to complete the Official Plan Amendment application form (PDF, 212 KB).

Are you eligible for fee exemptions?
If you are applying for Eligible New Non-Profit Affordable Housing, you will need to complete the Non-Profit Affordable Housing fee exemption application form (PDF,  107 KB).

You will have to pay the application fee when you submit your application. Applications fees are non- refundable whether the application is approved or denied. 

Fees can be paid by cheque or credit card. Cheques must be made payable to the City of Hamilton.

Application type/fee

  • Amendment to establish of a new Pit or Quarry - $145,285
  • Pit or Quarry Expansion (In addition to base fee, the owner or applicant shall bear any and all cost pertaining to peer reviews and for an aggregate advisor, if required) - $58,120
  • Urban Boundary Expansion (comprised of Phase 1 and Phase 2 fees) - $73,145
    • Phase 1 – Services up to City Council Report - $60,570
    • Phase 2 – Services subsequent to Council Resolution approval - $12,575
  • Rural or Urban application (comprised of Phase 1 and Phase 2 fees) - $34,945
    • Phase 1 – Services up to City Council Report - $20,635
    • Phase 2 – Services subsequent to Council Resolution approval - $14,310
  • Recirculation with no advertising required - $1,195
  • Public Notice recirculation due to cancellation of a Public Meeting by the applicant or agent - $1,195
  • Advertising fee (minimum charge, if applicable) - $1,540
  • Property report - $190
  • Amended applications with circulation - $4,255
  • New Non-Profit Affordable Housing (subject to eligibility as outlined on application form) - fees waived

Reduced fees

The total fees will be reduced by 25% if you are filing a joint application where applications are made for:

  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By-law Amendment
  • Approval of a Draft Plan of Subdivision
  • Condominium description
  • Any combination thereof

Note: The Official Plan Amendment (Urban/Rural) fee already includes the 25% joint application fee reduction. Therefore, a stand alone application for Official Plan Amendment is not eligible for the 25% reduction and the required fee must be adjusted accordingly.

Conservation Authority plan review fee

The Conservation Authorities within the city of Hamilton charge fees for their review of Planning Act applications.

Once you submit your application, City staff will advise you if your application requires Conservation Authority review, and if so, which Conservation Authority your project falls within:

The fee is to be made payable to the appropriate Conservation Authority and you will have to pay the fee to the City upon request. We will forward the fee along with the application to the Conservation Authority.

Combined applications will only be charged at the highest rate. The Conservation Authority reserves the right to request additional fees should the review require a substantially greater level of effort.

Submit the completed request form, supporting documents and fee(s) in person to:

City of Hamilton
71 Main Street West, 1st Floor
Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4Y5
Attention: Development Planning

The complete submission should include:

  • Five (5) copies of a Survey Plan of the property (folded legal size*) and one electronic copy in PDF locked file format
  • A digital file map of the subject lands (PDF locked file format)
  • One electronic copy of the application form without signatures in PDF locked file format
  • Twenty-five (25) copies of the completed application form with signatures (including two (2) with original signatures)
  • Seven (7) copies of the completed application form with signatures for the Removal of the “H” Holding Symbol (including two (2) with original signatures)
  • One completed and signed "Formal Consultation Document" or "Waiver Letter"
  • Five (5) copies of all information, reports or documents and electronic PDF locked file versions (where applicable) identified in a Formal Consultation Meeting as necessary information required to deem an application complete.
  • Five (5) copies of all information/reports/documents, and electronic PDF locked file versions, indicated as needed when completing sections 17 and 18 of the application form.

Please provide separate files for all of the required documents or plans and use the following naming convention examples for the electronic files:

  • Application.pdf
  • Concept_Plan.pdf
  • Survey_Plan.pdf
  • Sun/Shadow_Analysis.pdf
  • Planning_Justification_Report.pdf
  • Traffic_Study.pdf
  • Noise_Study.pdf
  • Archeological_Assessment.pdf
  • Servicing_Feasability_Study.pdf
  • Environmental_Impact_Assessment.pdf
  • Geotechnical_Study.pdf

Once you have submitted the application

  • We will send you a notification of the completeness of the application within 30 days of receiving your application.
  • If you did not provide the required information or fees with your application, we will return it to you with a request for the outstanding items. The incomplete application does not move forward to step three until we receive all required information or fees.