Archaeology Management Plan

Hamilton has some of the most culturally valuable archaeology in Ontario. There are over 1,200 sites registered with the province. Most of the valuable archaeology is in the top 11.8 inches (30 cm) of soil. It is necessary to map, excavate and analyze the artifacts from the soil before construction or development.

The purpose of the Archaeology Management Plan is to:

  • Provide guidance on archaeology management within the city of Hamilton
  • Outline the City’s role and responsibilities
  • Provide policy and protocol for implementation

Archaeology Management Plan

The Archaeology Management Plan (PDF, 3.3 MB) has eight sections:

Section 1

  • Introduces the plan.
  • Outlines archaeology and how it relates to the City of Hamilton.
  • Explains the role of the plan and how Hamilton’s was developed.

Section 2

  • Describes the interest and role of First Nations and Natives in the archaeology of the city.

Section 3-7

  • Provides an overview of our priorities and interest in archaeology.
  • Identifies the roles of landowners, proponent, approval authority and trustee.

Section 8

  • Details the implementation and monitoring of the plan.


  • Details the construction and implementation of the plan.