Policies & Guidelines

City-Wide Corridor Planning Principles and Design Guidelines

The City-Wide Corridor Planning Principles and Design Guidelines (PDF, 2 MB) provide planning and design directions for corridors in Hamilton.

Corridors typically:

  • Connect two or more high traffic areas in the city.
  • Contain retail and commercial properties.
  • Have high density and mixed uses.
  • Are serviced by public transit.

Primary and secondary corridors are identified by the Urban Hamilton Official Plan and include:

  • Main-King-Queenston
  • James - Upper James
  • Main/Osler (McMaster to Dundas)
  • Highway 8 (Eastgate to Fifty Road)
  • Centennial – Upper Centennial
  • Rymal Road
  • Mohawk Road
  • Ottawa Street

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Provide direction for new development, public investments and future planning studies along the city’s corridors.
  • Help in the preparation of secondary plans, strategies or initiatives that relate to an urban corridor
  • Communicate the importance of corridor planning and design to citizens and the development community.