Policies & Guidelines

Guide to Coordinating Integrated Planning Processes

The Guide to Coordinating Integrated Planning Processes (PDF, 592 KB) provides guidance and training to City of Hamilton staff dealing with both the Municipal Engineer’s Assessments Class Environmental Assessment and the Planning Act applications.

This guide will provide City staff, who works on Planning Act applications and Class EA projects, and private sector developers with:

  • An understanding of the requirements of the Class EA process as it applies to residential, industrial and commercial development
  • Direction on how to apply an integrated process to municipally initiated land use and infrastructure studies
  • An understanding of how the development industry may become involved in Class EAs and integrated processes where the City is the proponent
  • An indication of when it is appropriate to integrate planning for land use and infrastructure
  • Direction on how to organize and integrate process
  • Models for how to integrate various types of Planning Act applications
  • Information on the documentation requirements and implementation of an integrated process
  • An understanding of the role of government agencies and the development industry
  • An understanding of the appeal process including the role of the Ministry of Environment, the Ontario Municipal Board and the Environmental Review Tribunal
  • The monitoring program that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the guide and the integrated process
  • The training program that will be implemented