Policies & Guidelines

Innovative Stormwater Source Control Policy

The Innovative Stormwater Source Control Policy (PDF, 3.2 MB) is used in the planning and design process related to industrial, commercial and institutional land uses.

This document is a companion to Hamilton's Storm Drainage Policy, and provides the framework for the incorporation of stormwater source controls for the development and redevelopment of sites to provide or retain institutional, commercial or industrial land uses.

You should review this document along with the current Storm Drainage Policy. This policy is not considered to supersede or replace the current Storm Drainage Policy, but rather to complement the current policy.

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Provide current and future industrial, commercial and institutional businesses with good engineering design that provides a high quality of business environment that protects and enhances natural features and minimizes pollution of water, air and land resources.
  • Provide the City and its businesses with sustainable stormwater management solutions.
  • Provide practitioners such as analysts, designers, planners and reviewers with guidance regarding acceptable practices, technologies, and analytical techniques related to the design of source controls for stormwater management, in order to satisfy functional requirements which are considered beyond the current standard provided in our Storm Drainage Policy.