Park and Open Space Development Guide

The Park and Open Space Development Guide (PDF, 3.1 MB) is primarily used by the development community, consultants and city staff.

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Identify the design standards.
  • Create the option for developers to build parks.
  • Ensure that the proposed parkland is efficient and sufficient in size, layout, location, and suitable topography, and supports both active and passive recreation for residents.
  • Improve the timing of the delivery of parks and open spaces within the city.
  • Promote contact and feedback with the development community on the provision of park and open space resources.

Draft appendices

Part 1 - Supplementary Information

Appendix A: Glossary (PDF, 85 KB)
Appendix B: Planning Documentation (PDF, 69 KB)
Appendix C: Manual Development (PDF, 69 KB)
Appendix D: Drawing Submission Standards (PDF, 107 KB)
Appendix E: City of Hamilton Standard Requirements for Park and Open Space Development (PDF, 51 KB)
Appendix F: External Approvals (PDF, 42 KB)
Appendix G: Finance Agreement Template (PDF, 58 KB)
Appendix H: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design or CPTED Principles for Park and Open Space Design (PDF, 59 KB)

Part 2 - Standard Construction Details and Specifications

Appendix I: Summary of Park Development Standards (PDF, 29 KB)
Appendix J: Playground Equipment Standards (PDF, 87 KB)
Appendix K: Open Space Development Standard Drawings (PDF, 12 KB)
Appendix L: Open Space Development Standard Specifications (PDF, 202 KB)
Appendix M: Products and Materials Standards (PDF, 27 KB)
Appendix N: Form of Tender
Appendix O: Schedule of Quantities and Prices
Appendix P: Special Provisions


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