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Right-of-Way Utility Installation and Permit Manual

The Utility Installation and Permit Manual (PDF, 20.5 MB) applies to all utility companies, commissions, agencies, boards, associations, municipal departments, and private or third party stakeholder applicants proposing to undertake work within City of Hamilton streets. 

The purpose of the Utility Installation and Permit Manual is to provide:

  • the efficient review of applications, pertaining to utility and any other structure installations that may conflict with utilities within City of Hamilton streets and rights-of-way, or other lands owned and maintained by the City.
  • standards and processes for the design and installation of utilities within the municipal right-of-way to ensure that required safety criteria and procedures are being followed and adhered to, clearances and separations are maintained, and that physical space is optimally utilized. 

Right-of-Way Utility Installation and Permit Manual


For questions related to the utility permit application process, cut repairs, and restoration contact:

Rob Merritt
Senior Project Manager, Corridor Management
Phone: 905-546-2424, Ext. 4969
Email: [email protected]