Policies & Guidelines

Road Widening Dedications

The procedural guide for road widening dedication must be provided by the applicant to their lawyer by the time limit or deadline date.

Procedural guide

The applicant should immediately provide copies of this Procedural Guide to their lawyer in order to ensure that the road widening dedication is completed by the applicant by the time limit or deadline date. Where a new plan of survey is required, the applicant should therefore allow at least three months lead time for their land surveyor to prepare and submit their draft Reference Plan for approval. Where a road widening to the City is not completed by the required time limit, the applicant will have to submit a new application and will incur an additional application fee.

Correspondence regarding the road widening dedication, including the applicant's Reference Plan and draft land transfer to the City - shall be addressed to the City's Geomatics section by the applicant's lawyer and by its surveyor. They are required to refer to the City's "application number" in all their correspondence (if possible submit a copy of the conditions). This Procedural Guide outlines the steps to carry out the road widening dedication with the Geomatics section.

The description and survey of the Land, which is required to be dedicated to the City for road widening — must be designated, satisfactory to the Geomatics section, in a Reference Plan of survey.

The Geomatics section's address:

City of Hamilton
Public Works | Engineering Services
Geomatics & Corridor Management
100 King Street West, 2nd Floor
Hamilton, ON L8P 1A2
Attention: Peter Feren, O.L.S.
Phone: 905- 546-2424, ext. 4459
Email: [email protected]

Where the applicant does not have an existing Reference Plan already prepared that may be sufficient to designate the land for the required road widening transfer: 

  • The applicant's lawyer (or their surveyor)
    • shall, at the applicant's expense, have a new draft Reference Plan survey of the required road widening immediately prepared by the applicant's private surveyor; and
    • shall deliver a white paper print of their new draft plan to the Geomatics section to the address listed above or email above, for its review and approval.
  • After the land for the road widening designated on the applicant's new draft Reference Plan is approved by the Geomatics section:
    • the new draft Reference Plan may be deposited on title, and,
    • a white paper print of the deposited Reference Plan shall be either emailed in PDF format, mailed or delivered by the applicant's lawyer (or by their surveyor) to the City Geomatics section to the address listed above.
  • Instructions to O.L.S.: Plan is to be prepared as per O/Reg. 21.6/10 Section 31. NAD 1983 Original Zone 17, and submitted to the Surveys and Technical Service Office in a CAD format. Plan is to be drawn at true scale and location.

Where the applicant already has an existing Reference Plan which may be sufficient to designate a proposed road widening, the applicant's lawyer (or their surveyor) shall either email in PDF format, mail or deliver a white paper print of the Reference Plan to the Geomatics section, to the address listed above, for its review and approval of the land designated on the Plan for the required road widening.

Where the road widening land designated on the Reference Plan is approved by the Geomatics section, the applicant's lawyer shall, in Teraview, prepare a draft Transfer of the required road widening land and message it- via e-reg.- to "Natalie Verney" - for his review and approval of the draft Transfer of Land. Please email [email protected] to make sure that she receives your e-reg message

Allow 15 business days for your document to be reviewed and approved on the Teranet System.

The applicant's lawyer's draft e-reg road widening Land Transfer shall include:

  • Signatories: **You must sign the draft for completeness prior to submitting for approval or the document will not be reviewed**
  • Properties: Set out the land required for the road widening; (do not reserve a right-of-way over the widening)
  • Transferee: City of Hamilton (Capacity – ‘Registered Owner’)
  • Address for Service: City Hall, 71 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5

View Procedural Guide: Road Widening Dedications to the City of Hamilton (PDF, 32 KB)