Policies & Guidelines

Sidewalk and Roadway Lighting Policy

The Sidewalk and Roadway Lighting Policy (PDF, 24.5 MB) provides a reference standard for the planning, design and upgrading of street lighting infrastructure.

The policy is for:

  • lighting designers
  • developers
  • city staff
  • Residents

The goal of this policy is to benefit:

  • Pedestrian safety (Travelling on sidewalks or parallel to roadways)
  • Pedestrian-vehicular safety (Pedestrian road crossings)
  • Real safety and security
  • Perceived safety and security
  • Commercial and City of Hamilton image enhancement
  • Vehicular road safety (Vehicle to vehicle conflicts)

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Provide a uniform structure for the ongoing provision of lighting across the city
  • Ensure consistent lighting levels.
  • Define where lighting is and is not required and to what degree (lighting standards and illumination levels).
  • Mandate lighting for sidewalks, urban walkways, urban roadways and rural and urban intersections.
  • Promote a healthy environment by appropriate planning and management of the built environment.