Policies & Guidelines

Standards and Approved Products Listing and Guidelines

The Standards and Approved Products Listing and Guidelines are a guide to suppliers wishing to submit products for evaluation by the City of Hamilton in the following specific areas:

  • Road, Sewer and Watermain Construction Products
  • Traffic Control Systems Products
  • Street Lighting Products
  • Parks Construction Products

Standards and Approved Products Committee

The Standards and Approved Products Committee is responsible for the selection, review and approval of new product applications for Public Works related assets for all road, watermain, sewer, lighting and traffic signal related products.

As the Committee typically meets on a monthly basis, product evaluation and testing could take up to a year.

Approved product list

Requests for product approval for all products must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines. Each Approved Product List will be updated monthly to reflect the additions and deletions of products during the previous month.

For the Approved Products List for the City of Hamilton, visit The Road Authority Website

Product manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who wish to have their products submitted for review must submit a new product application by following these steps:

  1. Complete the new product application form (PDF, 23 KB).
  2. When completing the form, ensure to:
  • fully complete the supplier section of the form and attach all relevant information, certifications and independent product tests that would verify the claimed product approvals, compliance with required standards and specifications.
  • include details of quality control, quality assurance or other management processes related to the manufacture of the products.

To reduce delays, 3 copies of the complete submission can be forwarded to:

  • Standards and Approved Products Committee
    City of Hamilton - Public Works Department
    77 James Street North, Suite 320, Hamilton City Centre
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8R 2K3
    Attention: Committee Chair - Claudio Leon

The application submission shall include the following:

  • Product name, reference number and model number
  • Manufacturer/supplier/importer brochure or manual
  • Copies of all applicable specifications such as AWWA, CSA etc,
  • Any related test results (3rd party preferred), that have been performed on the product(s)
  • Name of municipalities and contact persons who presently approved and use the product(s)
  • Cost of product, F.O.B. Hamilton and the Name of local supplier(s)/distributor(s)
  • Indicate the markings on the product that can be used by inspection staff to identify the product in the field

Guidelines for new product applications

If a product is required to be certified to a Canadian Standard such as CSA, the certification shall be made by a testing agency accredited for that purpose by the Standards Council of Canada.

If a product is required to be certified foreign or other standards, the certification shall be made by a testing agency accredited for that purpose by that country or the Standards Council of Canada.

Where certification of a product is required, certification markings of the accredited testing agency must appear on the product.
Manufacturers with ISO 9000 certification are preferred.

For products in contact with potable water, NSF certification is preferred and in some cases required.

For a product approval to remain in place the firm certifying the product must retain its accreditation. The product representative must immediately notify the Standards and Approved Products Committee of any changes in certification firm or its accreditation status. An
affidavit/certification from the Applicant, clearly stating compliance with all provisions of the applicable standards will be required and shall accompany the application.

Each submission will be assigned an Application number to be used for tracking purposes.

In order to minimize the waste of Committee resources, proposals may be rejected early by the Committee as soon as it becomes evident there is no hope that the product or proposal will be considered binding.

If the documentation review determines that the product does not satisfy the City’s specifications, the Committee will notify the Applicant that the request for approval has been rejected and that the approval process has been terminated.

If the product passes the documentation review process and appears promising, the Committee may request samples for further investigation.

Where requested by the Committee, the Applicant shall supply random samples of any product under review or any approved product from local suppliers and have the product delivered to and tested by an independent qualified laboratory, chosen by the City. The Committee may request that smaller samples be delivered directly to the testing agency identified by the Committee.

The Applicant may be requested to provide the following additional information:

  • in office demonstration of the product by a product representative
  • in field application by City staff
  • third Party laboratory testing (at Applicant’s expense)
  • or any other tests or demonstrations deemed necessary by the City for approval to take place

Upon request, the Applicant will be required to arrange a demonstration at a mutually agreed time and location, in order to inform staff of the product and its proper installation procedures. The Committee reserves the right to temporarily suspend approval of any product which does not conform to the required standards or for any other reason it deems appropriate.

The Applicant shall permit the Committee to visit the manufacturing facility/foundry for the purpose of examining manufacturing methods including materials, quality control, labour practices and environmental protection measures.

All costs associated with any testing required by the City to determine the acceptability of the product, will be at the expense of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Importer.

The Committee will issue a notification of decision to the Applicant, in writing, indicating approval or rejection.

Approved products

The Committee may re-evaluate any approved product, based on the performance, quality and support provided. In general, the new products that are accepted for use will not be placed on the City of Hamilton Approved Manufacturers’ Product List until early in the following year or the next scheduled document update.

Rejected products

If a Product is rejected for use, the manufacturer or supplier must wait a minimum of one year from the date of Application before re-submission will be considered.

If a product is removed from the Approved Manufacturers’ Products List for any reason, the manufacturer or supplier must also wait a minimum of one year from the date of removal before re-submission will be considered.