Policies & Guidelines

Standards and Approved Products Listing and Guidelines

The Standards and Approved Products Listing and Guidelines are a guide to suppliers wishing to submit products for evaluation by the City of Hamilton in these specific areas:

  • Road, Sewer and Watermain Construction
  • Traffic Control Systems/Devices
  • Street Lighting and Appurtenances
  • Construction for Recreation and Parks
  • Stormwater Management Facilities

Standards and Approved Products Committee

The Standards and Approved Products Committee operates under the umbrella of the Procurement Policy By-law and facilitates the evaluation, selection and management of infrastructure products, services, and technical solutions; it is also responsible for the review and approval of new product applications for the City of Hamilton particularly, those considered for use on road, watermain, sewer, street lighting, traffic signal and parks related assets.

The Committee meets on a monthly basis for applications review, evaluation and testing; its primary objective is to provide the best value to the City of Hamilton and its residents through transparent and impartial selection of products that form part of all infrastructure improvements.

The Approved Product List

To access the City’s current Approved Products List, visit The Road Authority Website.

Are you a product manufacturer, supplier or distributor who wishes to have their products submitted for review?
You will need to request a Product Approval Application package by emailing us at [email protected].

Applicants must submit the new product application as follows:

  1. Complete product Application Form in - Appendix A
  2. For common products (where applicable): Complete Checklist Form in - Appendix B
  3. When completing the form, the applicant must:
  • Fully complete the supplier section of the form and attach all relevant information, certifications and independent product tests that would verify the claimed product approvals, compliance with required standards and other specifications.
  • Include details and documents for the quality control, quality assurance and/or other information you may consider relevant to the application during the review process.

Applicants must submit a complete Product Approval Application in order to be considered for review. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will be returned to the applicants.

Product submissions will be assigned an Application Number; this will be used for tracking purposes.

The Committee reserves the right to reject an application during its early stages of the review when/if it becomes evident there is a reasonable expectation the product application will not be considered for its acceptance.

Whereas the Committed determines that the product does not satisfy the City’s specifications, the Committee will then notify the applicant that the request for approval has been rejected and that the approval process has been terminated.

At request of the Committee, the applicant shall supply random samples of any product under review and/or approved product and deliver a sample of the product to an independent qualified laboratory chosen by the City and have it tested at their own expense.

The Applicant may be requested to provide this additional information:

  • In-office demonstration of the product by a representative
  • Field demonstration of the product and/or in-use demonstration
  • Third-party laboratory testing (at Applicant’s own expense)
  • Any other tests or demonstrations deemed essential for the product’s approval

Upon request of the Committee, the Applicant shall arrange: a product demonstration, its installation procedures and/or manufacturing process. This may include permitting the Committee to visit the manufacturing facility/foundry at a mutually agreed time and location for the purpose of examining the products’ manufacturing methods including materials, quality control process and environmental protection measures.

The Committee reserves the right to temporarily suspend the approval of any product found not conforming to the required industry standards and/or where deemed to be appropriate.

The Committee will notify the applicant of its decision indicating approval or rejection in writing:

Approved products

Based on the products’ performance, its quality and/or technical support through its supply chain, the Committee may re-evaluate at any time any approved product. Products that have been approved through the application process will be kept in the City of Hamilton’s Standards and Approved Products website listing. The Committee reserves the right to continuously review all current product approvals and/or revoke such approval when/if a product is deemed to be non-compliant (or less than) its original specifications.

Rejected products

If a product application is not approved or, if a product is removed from the Standards and Approved Products List, the City of Hamilton reserves the right to refuse a subsequent application for the same product for a period of no less than one year.