Policies & Guidelines

Storm Drainage Policy

The Storm Water Drainage Policy (PDF, 475 KB) is used in the planning and design process within the municipality for:

  • land development
  • land redevelopment
  • storm drainage infrastructure

The goals of the Storm Drainage Policy are to:

  • Provide present and future residents of the City of Hamilton with good engineering design that provides a high quality living environment that protects and enhances natural features and minimizes pollution of water, air, and land resources.
  • Minimize risk to life and property from flooding and erosion.
  • Encourage the use of stormwater as a resource such that it maintains and/or enhances:
  • In-stream Water Quality
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat
  • Hydrogeologic Function such as baseflow, groundwater quality
  • Natural Channel Forming Processes (stream morphology)
  • Terrestrial Linkages and Habitat
  • Mitigate negative impacts to water resources, which would affect other riparian interests and users.
  • Provide direction for designs of stormwater infrastructure which are easily and effectively maintainable by Public Works.
  • Establish criteria for acceptable service levels for the hydraulic capacity of both the minor and major drainage systems to provide reasonable levels of service for the connected property owners.