Policies & Guidelines

Telecommunication Tower and Antenna Protocol

The Telecommunication Tower and Antenna Protocol (PDF, 829 KB) was created for Telecommunication companies to provide guidelines for the location, type and size of telecommunication towers and antennas.

The goals of the Telecommunication Tower and Antenna Protocol are to:

  • Provide a consistent and timely process for the review of telecommunication facilities and installations within the City of Hamilton
  • Encourage consultation by telecommunication providers with the municipality as early in the location process as practical and feasible
  • Encourage the location and siting of telecommunication facilities in a manner which minimizes the effects on residents, lessens visual impact, and respects natural and human heritage features and sensitive land uses to the greatest extent possible.
  • Afford an appropriate and effective opportunity for public consultation with respect to mitigating concerns over the siting of wireless telecommunication facilities.
  • Recognize the jurisdiction of Industry Canada with respect to the implementation of appropriate health, safety, and environmental standards in exercising its authority to approve the location of telecommunications facilities.