Policies & Guidelines

Wastewater Allocation Policy

The City of Hamilton, as the Development Approval Authority, determines and allocates wastewater conveyance and treatment capacity for all approved development. City Council has recently approved and invested substantial capital in wastewater infrastructure in and around the Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD) to support a growing, prosperous and healthy community.

In order to maintain the provision of wastewater conveyance and treatment capacity in the AEGD, policies and guidelines are necessary to provide a consistent, fair, equitable and financially sustainable process in which wastewater capacity can be managed and aligned with the City’s growth strategy and priorities.

Stakeholder consultation

Staff have provided Council with an update on the status of AEGD servicing upgrades and are now seeking consultation with the relevant stakeholders to report back to General Issues Committee on the implementation of an Airport Employment Growth District Wastewater Capacity Allocation Policy intended to improve wastewater service delivery needed to protect the public health, safety, environment and quality of life of its citizens and developers.

Stakeholder Meeting
Held January 25, 2021
Presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

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