Forestry School Presentations

The City's forestry education program offers free informative and interactive presentations. Meet our Municipal Arborists and learn the role they plan in maintaining and increasing the City of Hamilton's Urban Forest.

School presentations

School presentations are designed to match the Grade 3 curriculum and therefore are only offered to Grade 3 classes.

Register your class of up to 30 students. Trained Arborists will come to your school to talk about:

  • what is an Arborist
  • parts of a tree
  • how to take care of trees
  • why trees are important
  • Street Tree Planting Program

This free presentation is interactive and engages the students with the use of visual material and educational handouts. The City of Hamilton will also donate a tree to your school. Forestry staff will work with your school to determine the type of tree and where to plant it. 

Forestry presentations are offered the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from October to May. Book early!

Community event

Have a trained Arborist attend your event to answer questions about the following topics:

  • Street Tree Planting Program
  • mulching techniques
  • tree care
  • Arborist tools and safety equipment

Attendance of Eco Fairs depends on staff availability. 

How to register

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. City staff will contact you to confirm availability.