Garbage & Recycling Outreach

Waste Management School Presentations

Book a school presentation with one of our Master Recyclers or request a tour of the Central Composting Facility to learn about Hamilton's composting and recycling programs. 

The Perfect Grade 5 Fieldtrip

Bring your class to our Central Composting Facility where they will learn what happens to their waste after we pick it up! This fieldtrip is a great opportunity to educate students about recycling, composting, landfills and the importance of practicing the 3 R’s when at home, school and in the community. Enjoy this hands-on experience in our Learning Room that provides curriculum connections specific to grade 5. Register now!

  • Round-trip transportation is provided at no charge. 
  • Time commitment - approximately 3 hours (including travel time)

Waste Education Kit

Bring waste education into your classroom with the Waste Education Kit. This kit is filled with hands on curriculum linked activities for grades 1 to 5. Students will learn how to reduce their impact on the planet by practicing the 3 R’s. Includes videos of all waste facilities in action. Reserve the kit by filling out the online form, emailing [email protected] or calling 905-540-8787 ext. 154. The kit is available to book for up to 2 weeks.

Community event

Have an expert attend your community event to speak to your guests about our waste programs. Register now!

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