Growth & Development

Resources for growth and development

See ideas and resources below that support growth and development.  This topic includes strategies and activities related to body image, diversity, healthy relationships, human development and sexual health, living skills (e.g., self-awareness, communication and social skills, thinking skills), self-efficacy and self-esteem.

  • Check Ophea and the Ministry of Education for support in implementing the Health and Physical Education curriculum for grades 1 - 12. 
  • Check EduGAINS to learn more about key changes to the Elementary and Secondary curriculum.
  • Ask your elementary school's public health nurse how they may support you with the new curriculum for grades 7 and 8.
  • Book a secondary-interactive discussion for students in grades 9 -12. A public health nurse uses school board-approved visual aids and learning activities. Contact your school’s public health nurse to book a session.  Sessions you can book include:
  • Abstinence, sexually transmitted infections
  • Abstinence, methods of pregnancy prevention (HWDSB and CS Viamonde only)
  • Ask your school’s public health nurse for a HWDSB approved Sexual Health Resource Binder for grades 9 - 12.
  • Visit Institute for Catholic Education for Ontario Catholic Curriculum and resources
  • Visit Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario for curriculum resources for family life education and to learn about related conferences.
  • Check SexualityandU for information on birth control, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections 
  • Read Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers, Updated 2015 Ontario Edition. It contains Ontario data and updated research about sexual health education in schools.
  • Visit It Starts with You, It Stays with Him for online resources and social media messages promoting healthy, equal relationships with a focus on men and boys.
  • Provide opportunities for discussing students' healthy relationships and self-esteem.  Celebrate the similarities and differences that exist in the classroom.
  • Encourage students to become involved in activities that reflect the diversity of the school community such as positive space clubs, diversity clubs or health action teams. Speak to your school administrator and/or public health nurse for more information.
  • Identify resources and supports and collaborate with students to build an environment that encourages positive self-esteem, body image, self-confidence and healthy sexuality.
  • Create displays or multimedia content that depicts the school's diversity and addresses healthy growth and development topics.
  • Visit Draw the Line for resources on violence prevention and consent in several languages.

Check these resources:

Certains renseignements et certaines ressources du Service de santé publique présentés sur cette page Web pourraient être disponibles en français. Communiquez avec l’infirmière affectée à votre école ou envoyez au courriel à pour en savoir plus long sur les ressources et les services offerts en français. 

Contact your public health nurse or email for more information.