Healthy Schools

How to Create a Healthy School

To get started, talk to your school principal about becoming a healthier school. For more information on how to create a Healthy School, follow the steps below. Have questions?  Contact your Public Health Nurse to ask for assistance.

You can form a committee or join an existing one made up of students, staff, parents and community partners. Your committee needs to meet regularly and work through the steps below to become a healthier school. Together the committee can plan and lead activities to achieve goals and address health priorities.

Gather ideas and information from students, teachers and parents to identify the school’s strengths, needs and interests related to health.

Include students in the development of your action plan. Aim to add evidence-informed activities in these five areas over time:

  1. Curriculum, teaching and learning
  2. Classroom and school leadership
  3. Student engagement
  4. Social and physical environments
  5. Home, school and community partnerships

Review, evaluate and celebrate your success in creating a healthier school.

Communicate with the whole school community as you work through all of the steps and plan your school health activities for the school.

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