Public Health Nurses in Schools

School Public Health Nurses (PHNs) partner with schools to create healthier school communities in order to support student achievement. Email with comments, questions, or to contact your PHN.

All schools will receive access to school-aged population health information and resources. Some schools will receive targeted services, meaning regular and intensive PHN support. These schools were identified through a collaborative process between Public Health Services and School Boards, informed by population health assessment data.

All schools will receive universal services. Each school’s PHN will:

  • Share population health data to identify health priorities
  • Promote web-based, community, and curriculum support resources through the Healthy Schools website
  • Network between schools, City of Hamilton programs & services and community resources for support with health topics
  • Partner with schools to coordinate school-based Public Health Services (such as immunization, dental, vision screening, tobacco control)
  • Provide consultations to address health priorities and how to create healthy, safe and supportive school environments

In schools receiving targeted services, PHNs also:

  • Use population health data to support School Improvement Plans
  • Support administrators to monitor the health and well-being of students and the school community
  • Create a comprehensive school health plan that engages the full school community (youth, principal, teachers, parents, caregivers, and the community)
  • Support schools with using the Ministry of Education’s Foundations for a Healthy School framework
  • Consult around health system navigation for individual health issues
  • Advise and support the development and roll-out of school health policies