Healthy Schools

Resources for Sun Safety, Shade and the Importance of Trees

See ideas and resources below that support sun safety and shade:

  • Check out Health Canada for more information on sun safety and other related resources
  • Access curriculum resources for students in grades 1 – 12 from Ontario EcoSchools  to support your school in becoming environmentally responsible 
  • Read about Focus on Forests resources and curriculum links to support learning about forests for students in grades 1 -12
  • Create an outdoor classroom using a grant from Evergreen
  • Develop school guidelines and policies that advocate for sun safety and shade creation
  • Engage in school wide activities that promote sun safety and shade creation through:
    • announcements, bulletin boards and websites
    • assemblies
    • role modelling of sun safe behaviours
    • advocating for more shade in your school and community
    • participating in National Sun Safety Awareness Week in June
  • Visit Trees Hamilton to request a free tree and learn more about the value of trees
  • Visit the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website for more information on the Skin Cancer Prevention Act
  • Read about sun safety and UV rays from the City of Hamilton
  • Ask your Public Health Nurse about artificial tanning facts and resources or email [email protected]