Hamilton Children's Water Festival

The Hamilton Children’s Water Festival is a three-day educational, hands-on, out of school, opportunity to educate students about the importance of water conservation, protection, awareness, respect, science technology, history and health.

The festival brings the expertise of specialists, members of industry, government and educators to provide students with the opportunity to learn directly from local professionals through their unique water and environmental demonstrations, discussions, displays and exhibits.

  • Who: Grade 4 Teachers and their students
  • What: The 11th annual Hamilton Children’s Water Festival
  • Where: Pier 4 Park, located at the end of Leander Drive in Hamilton
  • When: One of three days. Either May 29, May 30 or May 31, 2018
  • Why: To give students a new respect for water and the environment as well as make them aware of local water issues.
  • This is a free event

The ultimate goal is to foster decision-makers, initiate the process of behavioural change, to empower children to initiate change within their homes, schools and communities, and to encourage children to become catalysts for change by taking information and new found respect back to their own environment.

Water Festival Registration Closed

Registration for the 2018 Hamilton Children’s Water Festival has now closed. Please check back again next year to register. To be added to the 2018 wait list please e-mail Robert.Richarz@hamilton.ca.


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