Hamilton Harbour Puppet Shows

Come watch as our fury friends from the Hamilton Harbour get together to put on a very entertaining, interactive, family friendly show. Join in the fun as the zany cast of characters sing and dance to original songs that they have written themselves. Great music, great puppets and a great message make this show a must see event. Let us educate and entertain you!

The City of Hamilton proactively looks for opportunities to educate and promote the importance of clean, safe drinking water to Hamilton's youth and residents while creating a higher awareness of our motto, "Water is Life". As part of our efforts to educate, Hamilton Water has decided to engage Hamilton's youth through educational and entertaining puppet shows.

The City has worked closely with teacher representatives to create resource material to assist you in continuing the conversation with your students and  meeting the expected criteria set out in the Ontario Curriculum. We are always looking for ways to improve the program and make it more accessible and beneficial to the teachers and students. Your feedback is welcome.

The Shows

The shows are interactive and environmentally based, with the characters singing and discussing local water issues. It is a very professional production with puppets based on animals that can be found locally and masterfully handled by Byron Morton of Image Puppet Productions Inc.

This show is filled with singing, dancing and comedy as guests show off their talents with the hopes of being chosen as Hamilton Harbour’s Most Talented Performer. All of the acts are based on water and water issues. The audience is encouraged to participate in the acts and in the end they decide the winner by cheering for their favourite act. The show gets off to a rocky start as Zippy Zoominder’s water squirting beaver escapes from his dressing room. During the rest of the show he pops up to squirt the audience with water. The audience must yell, “There he is!” whenever they see him so that the short tempered Scottish host, Phil MacCup can try to catch him.

Run time: Approximately 27 minutes

This show focuses on pollution prevention and is set up to resemble an old style variety show. The show is hosted by Sir Heron Hamilton 12th who interviews guests that then perform songs for the audience. The show is continuously interrupted by the FOG Monsutas (Fats, Oils and Grease) who are out to clog all of the pipes. The only one that can save the day is the Samurai Warrior Satoru, who has been trained to scrape these food scraps into the green cart in order to keep them out of the pipes. It is a show full of songs, comedy and interaction with the crowd. All of the songs are sung by different characters, in a different style and have a different message about water.

Run time: Approximately 27 minutes

This show is all about our drinking water. Where it comes from. How it gets from the Lake to our tap. The benefits of drinking tap water and why it is so important. Join along in the fun as the audience decides who will be the next spokesperson for Hamilton Tap water. Watch the zany acts and sing along with the characters as they all try to prove why they should be the new spokesperson. Enjoy songs by Samantha Squirrel, Wally the Waterbottle and Willie Walker, with poetry from Barry the Beaver. But beware, there are several interruptions in the show from CJ, who is intent on letting everyone know why they should choose him. Come out, watch the show and help us to pick the new spokesperson for Hamilton Tap Water.

Run time: Approximately 20 minutes

The shows, along with the CD are utilized at local festivals and in schools to educate and entertain. The songs play a key role in the shows as each has an important water message. There are a total of 11 songs that cover everything from water conservation to pollution prevention.

The CD consists of nine songs from both the Late Lake Show and Talent Show. It contains a wide variety of musical styles and water messages. The CD was recorded and launched in 2012 as part of this program. Copies are left with the schools after a performance so that they can be listened to again by the students and used as an educational aid. Karaoke versions of all the songs are also available upon request.


For booking information please contact:

Rob Richarz, Project Manager,
Outreach & Education, Hamilton Water
City of Hamilton
Phone: 905.546.2424 ext. 5154