Water Education Programs

Hamilton Water is committed to providing youth in our communities with the knowledge, awareness, and tools to become champions of water and the environment. Creating a positive change in the attitudes and beliefs of our future leaders and decision-makers is the first step towards solving the water issues we face on a local, national and global scale.

Below is an overview of the various youth education programs Hamilton Water makes available to every school in Hamilton. Almost all of our programs are free of cost. They are a great way to promote water-related initiatives in your school. 

Water Presentations

Water-related presentations are available to Hamilton area schools at no charge. Learn about many issues affecting water. We’ll visit your school with a customized presentation, based on water related topics specified by the school.

Presentations can be made on a variety of water topics including:

  • Drinking water quality
  • Water conservation
  • Water usage
  • Tap versus bottled water
  • Value of water
  • Careers in the water industry

These presentations can be used to help kick off school initiatives, programs or for general knowledge. The format is up to you. The presentations can be made at assemblies, in front of large groups or in a classroom setting. All presentations are created with the age group of the students in mind. They are filled with interaction and active demonstrations. The presentations include volunteer involvement to ensure that students remain engaged and focused. The length of the presentation can be adjusted to fit the needs of the teacher.

Drinking Fountain Poster Contest

Help bring awareness to your school’s drinking fountains and hydration stations. We provide the template and your students provide the creative designs that promote the benefits of drinking tap water and using refillable bottles.

  • Every student can submit a design with up to three winners chosen by staff or school club such as an Eco Team or Health Action Team
  • Winning students will also receive a certificate of recognition from the City of Hamilton
  • Each winner will have their poster design professionally printed and mounted above a drinking fountain or other location in your school
  • Participation in this free program is limited so book early!

This program also offers a unique leadership opportunity for students involved in school clubs. We love working with school clubs to run the contest. The students are encouraged to come up with contest rules, set deadlines, make contest announcements and even judge the submissions!


World Water Day Eco-Competition

Celebrate and find a new respect for water this school year by participating in the Hamilton Harbour Eco-Competition. Water is our most precious natural resource. It’s something we use every day but it is also something many of us take for granted. The Eco-Competition takes place in the weeks leading up to World Water Day in March and gives your students a chance to learn about water and compete against other Hamilton-area elementary schools. Competition consists of:

  • Curriculum-linked lesson plan
  • Unique grade-specific challenges:
    • Grades 1 to 4: Artwork
    • Grades 5 to 6: Short video
    • Grades 7 to 8: Case study
  • Earn points towards Ontario Eco Schools Certification
  • Compete against other elementary schools
  • A chance to win a trophy for your school
  • Participation certificate for every class

Grand Prize Winner

Mrs. Bissonette’s grade 2 class from Adelaide Hoodless.
Congratulations to the students of Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School! Their school is the winner of a brand new hydration station!

World Water Day Competition Grand Winner

Trophy Winners

Grades 1 to 4
Mr. DiBenedetto & Students from Sacred Heart
of Jesus Catholic Elementary School

Children's painting

Grades 5 to 6 Co-Winners
Mr. Phillips & Students from C.B. Sterling Elementary School

Mr. Speksnyder & Students from Chedoke Elementary School

Grades 7 to 8
Mrs. Caiella & Students from St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School

Board game from a student

Honourable Mention

Grades 1 to 4
Franklin Road - Mr. Zdero & Students
Guy B Brown - Mrs. Montgomery & Students
Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Mr. MacDonald & Eco-Team

Grades 5 to 6
Holbrook School - Mrs. Wilkie-Smith & Students
James MacDonald - Mrs. Hughes & Students
St. David - Mrs. Mattina & Students

Grades 7 to 8
Hess St. - Mrs. Freeborn & Students
St. Michael - Ms. Tersigni & Students

Reusable Water Bottle Orders

Let’s ban the bottle! Hamilton Water offers environmentally-friendly reusable water bottles to all Hamilton schools. The bottles are a perfect alternative to wasteful single-use plastic bottles. Bottles are offered to schools at a 50% shared cost and are a great way to promote your school. One side of the bottles features the City logo and the other side is reserved for your school logo.

  • Your school will be eligible for points towards Eco-Certification
  • Bottles can be given to students and staff or the school may choose to sell the bottles in order to fund in-school programs that focus on environmental issues
  • This program can be combined with a presentation from the City to be used as a kick-off for a Ban the Bottle Campaign or Bottle-Free Days 

    Ordering information

    Order form must be submitted by February 13, 2018


    Tap N’ Drains Board Game

    Taps N’ Drains is a life-sized board game that is a blast to play in the classroom or at a school event. Students start in Lake Ontario and must roll the dice and race their game piece through watermains, taps and sewers. Players must answer water-related questions correctly to move forward along the board. Beware, a wrong answer will send you backwards!

    Players learn about local water issues along the way such as water quality in Hamilton Harbour, pollution prevention, water treatment and more!

    • Rent the game for up to a week
    • 2 to 30 players (single players or in teams)
    • Grade-specific game cards


    Contact us

    For more information or to book programs contact:
    Rob Richarz, Project Manager, Outreach & Education
    Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 5154
    E-mail: Robert.richarz@hamilton.ca