Family Fireworks Sales Permit

Temporary Changes to the Family Fireworks Sale Permit Application Process

April 7, 2020: To help slow the rate of COVID-19 infection in Hamilton, the City of Hamilton has temporarily closed Municipal Service Centres, where residents would usually apply for Family Fireworks Sale Permits.

Temporary measures are in place to assist residents in acquiring permits. To apply for a permit:

  • Print and complete the Family Fireworks Sale Permit Application (PDF, 240 KB)
  • Mail the application form with a cheque payable to City of Hamilton – Fire Prevention for the appropriate amount to:
    Fire Prevention
    55 King William Street
    Hamilton, ON, L8R 1A2

Upon receipt of your application, Fire Prevention staff will contact you to set up the inspection that is required prior to approval and the issuing of a permit

Under the City of Hamilton's Regulate the Sale and Use of Fireworks By-Law 02-285, no person can offer for sale, cause or permit to be sold, sell or otherwise distribute family fireworks unless the vendor has obtained a Family Fireworks Sales Permit.

All vendors need to purchase a Family Fireworks Sales Permit from the Hamilton Fire Department to legally sell fireworks. Family fireworks may only be sold two weeks prior to and including the Victoria Day and Canada Day national holidays.

Permit cost:

  • $238.50 - Store
  • $476.8 - Trailer

Where to purchase a permit

Location hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Fire Prevention – West Office / FPB Administration – 55 King William Street, Hamilton

Additional locations: 
These locations may not have personnel on site at all times.

  • Fire Prevention – Mountain Office, Station 21 – 365 Wilson Street, Ancaster
  • Fire Prevention – East Office, Station 12 – 199 Highway #8, Stoney Creek