Fire Department Reports and Other Services

How to request

Online: Request and payment via links below
Telephone: Contact Fire Prevention staff at 905-546-2424 x1380 to submit your request and pay via credit card.

Fire Department Incident Report
2022 Fee $50.15 (including HST)
Description: Fire Department Incident Report for any response involving a fire truck. If the Hamilton Fire Department assisted in an emergency situation at your property, a report detailing the response is completed once firefighters return to the station. If may require a copy of that report for reasons such as investigative, insurance, or financial purposes.
Note: The following information, if known, will assist Fire Prevention to provide the correct report:

  • Address OR a street OR an intersection
  • Date of the incident
  • Type of incident (ie. Fire, Medical, Vehicle Accident, etc.).

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Outstanding Work Order – File Search
2022 Fee $88.70 (including HST)
Description: Provide customers with a file search for any outstanding work orders against a property and any retrofit information available on a property. For those purchasing, selling, insuring or re-mortgaging a property, it is often required that a search be made to identify if there are any outstanding orders against the property.

  • If you are not the owner of the property, owner consent may be required to complete a request for a file search. Fire Prevention staff will contact you to obtain the owner’s written consent, if required.
  • The online request system will only process one request at a time. If you have multiple file search requests, you may prefer to contact Fire Prevention via telephone to request and pay.

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Fire Route Establishment – New or Review of Existing Fire Route
2022 Fee $300.45 (including HST)
Description: Fire Prevention staff will establish a new fire route or make changes to a fire route that is currently established.
Note: You will need to provide a site map of the location with the fire route you are looking for clearly marked off. This can be submitted to [email protected].
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Capacity Card Request (per room)
2022 Fee $178.10 (including HST) per room
Description: Fire Prevention will calculate the occupancy capacity of the desired room and issue a capacity card.

  • Each requested room requires additional payment. Example: A school requesting a capacity card for the gym and the library will pay the fee twice.
  • For instances where the capacity cards for multiple rooms at the same address are being requested, the online request system will allow the customer to select the number of rooms being requested. The system will then calculate the amount owed.

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Clearance/Status Letter
2022 Fee $45.10 (including HST)
Description: Copy of a building clearance or status letter previously issued to show a building is in compliance.
Note: The following details, if known, will assist in completing this request.

  • Type of inspection that was completed
  • Date or year the inspection was completed

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Request paid standby of a fire truck and crew
Total amount be invoiced after the event and will include the cost of two user fees combined: Non-Emergency Standby for events and Full Cost Recovery for Crew. 
2022 Fee $625.60 for the vehicle plus full cost recovery for the fire crew.
Description:  To request a Fire Department crew and vehicle on stand-by at your event (ie. film shoot, demolition derby, etc.) for safety precautions.
Note: The online request will generate the service request only. Fire Prevention staff will contact you to confirm event details and provide estimated costs. Following the event, an invoice for payment will be sent to the applicant.
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