Open Air Burning Permit

Under the City of Hamilton By-law 02-283, open-air burning is only allowed in areas that have been designated as rural. These designations are as set out in our Official Plan . You are only permitted to burn clean wood and brush.

Apply for an open air burning permit

Open Air Burning Permits will only be issued to property owners, or to those with written authorization from the owner. Permits are only available for those residents living in rural areas. You are allowed to burn clean wood and brush.

Your permit includes important information to ensure your open-air burning is conducted safely including:

  • Restrictions on the size of the fire
  • The importance of supervising your fire
  • How to extinguishing your fire correctly

Residents living in urban areas are not permitted to conduct open-air burning. You do not need a permit for approved outdoor propane/natural gas appliances.


Cost: $25 per permit (2020 fee). Permits are valid for the calendar year. 

Where to purchase 

You can purchase a permit at one of these locations:

Location hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm