Winter Storm Fire Safety Tips

In the event of a major snow fall, the Hamilton Fire Department would like to remind all citizens of some important fire safety tips:

  • Clear snow around fire hydrants to ensure clear access and to make them easy to locate by responding firefighters.
  • Make sure all exterior passageways, exterior stairways and fire escapes are clear of snow and ice, as required by the Ontario Fire Code.
  • Clear snow from around the vent pipes for your furnace and hot water heater.
  • Never warm up a car or snow blower by letting it run in an attached garage as carbon monoxide levels will build up and seep into the home.
  • If you use a portable generator during a power outage, only use it outdoors and in a location where fumes will not enter the building.
  • During a power outage use a flashlight or chemical light stick. If you must use a candle place it in a secure holder and never leave a burning candle unattended.