Hamilton Police Service

Report a Crime

All requests requiring immediate attention must be directed to 911 Emergency.

Non-emergency requests should be directed to Switchboard at 905-546-4925. We do not accept reports online.

What response should I expect?
If the crime is in progress, i.e. the burglar is still in your home, there will be an immediate and swift response from your local patrol officer. If the crime has already been committed, i.e. you have come home and found that your home has been burglarized, a slower response should be expected.

  • Crimes in progress receive first priority!
  • All other calls for service will be answered on a lower priority basis.

What is the suggested method of reporting a crime or suspicious activity?
Call the police.

  • It is wise to have the number readily accessible in case of emergencies.
  • Identify yourself by your name and address then relay the information.
  • Give the exact location of the crime or activity.
  • Remain in contact with the Police Dispatcher until they have obtained all the information they require.
  • Do not personally confront the situation.
  • Await the arrival of the Police.

    When reporting an incident to the Police you may be asked to repeat the address. This is to ensure that the address has been correctly understood. At the same time as you are relaying the information, a car is already being dispatched to the scene of the emergency.

    NOTE: All information can be kept confidential!