Medical Emergency Information Program

The Medical Emergency Information program was introduced to help you provide paramedics and other emergency responders with quick access to your important medical information by having you complete an Emergency Medication Information Form. This form is then left in a location of your home that is easily seen by emergency responders.

Where can I get an Emergency Medication Information Form

Download the Emergency Medication Information Form (PDF, 385 KB)
Keep this form in a location that will be easily seen by emergency responders like on the refrigerator door.

In addition to the full size information sheet, a wallet size form is also available to provide paramedics and other emergency responders with critical medical information when you are not at home. 

Keep this form in clear plastic luggage type tags and attached to:

  • Child's car seat
  • School back pack
  • Camping gear
  • Worn on a lanyard when involved in sporting events
  • Or leave in your wallet