Medical Emergency Information Program

The Medical Emergency Information program was introduced to help you provide paramedics and other emergency responders with quick access to your important medical information by having you complete an Emergency Medication Information Form. This form is then left in a location of your home that is easily seen by emergency responders.

Where can I get an Emergency Medication Information Form

Download the Emergency Medication Information Form (PDF, 1.79 MB)
Please download the file to your computer and open it either in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to fill it out.

Keep this form in a clear plastic bag on the inside of your refrigerator door.


  1. Fill in the on-line form and print two copies out. Keep one aside and place the other one on a shelf on the inside of your fridge door. If you prefer to write the information in print two blank copies.
  2. Fold one copy so only the logo is visible and place into a clear plastic bag. Keep the second copy aside.
  3. Remember to attach a copy of your medication list to the information sheet.
  4. Place the copy in the clear plastic bag and tape it to the outside of your refrigerator’s door.
  5. If you call 911 and Paramedics arrive let them know that you have an information sheet available in the fridge. After you come home again photocopy the second copy and place a copy back in the fridge. Update the information as needed.