Apartment Waste

Apartment Waste

Waste Management Survey

The City has launched an online survey as part of its Solid Waste Management Master Plan to gather public opinion on the current Waste Management Program and to contribute to the future direction of waste minimization in Hamilton for the next 25 years.

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Service at a Glance

Apartment Garbage and Bulk Items

Learn how to dispose of items properly in a multiresidential building and what qualifies as a bulk item.

Apartment Green Bin Composting

Would you like to help by reducing waste?  Take advantage of the green bin program in your building. Learn how to:

  • Reduce odour in your living space
  • Sort your organic waste
  • Get a mini bin
Apartment Blue Cart Recycling

If you live in an apartment building or condominium, the recycling program is the same as the blue box program, with a few small differences. Apartments have blue bags and blue carts, instead of blue boxes. They look different than blue boxes, but serve the same purpose.

Property Owners, Managers & Superintendents

The City considers the property owner or manager as the primary contact and lead for the waste collection services at your building(s).