Apartment Waste

Apartment Garbage and Bulk Items

What goes in the garbage?

Items that are no longer useful or in good working condition for you or others. 

Find out what goes into the garbage

What do I do with my garbage?

Take your garbage bag to your building’s designated garbage container. Garbage does not go in the blue recycling carts or green composting bins.

How to reduce the amount of garbage you have

Reusing items is a useful way to reduce on waste. Before you put something in the garbage, blue boxes, or green bin, try to donate or reuse.

  • Know what items should go into your blue carts and composting bins
  • Buy only what you need, use all that you buy
  • Buy in bulk and try to eliminate excess packaging
  • Know what items should go into your blue box and recycle all possible items
  • Buy only what you need, use all that you buy
  • Instead of buying commercial household cleaners, use less toxic alternatives
  • Buy in bulk and try to eliminate excess packaging
  • Take re-usable bins or canvas bags to the grocery store
  • Do not use plastic bags
  • Shop at used goods stores
  • Rent things you don't use often or borrow them from a friend
  • Repair or reupholster furniture before throwing it out
  • Use a backyard composter
  • Use reusable gift bags
  • Take a travel mug with you to the coffee shop
  • Take a litterless lunch to school or work; use reusable containers instead of plastic bags for your lunch
  • Use cloth table napkins rather than paper napkins
  • A reusable coffee filter can replace many paper filters
  • Use cloth rags and mops rather than one-time-use disposal products
  • Donate magazines to senior's residences or doctor's offices
  • Choose quality products that are durable

How do I get rid of my old furniture?

Speak with your superintendent to arrange for bulk garbage disposal. If you do not have a superintendent, please call us at 905-546-2489 to speak with a representative.

Bulk garbage is scheduled at least one week in advance. Give your superintendent notice when you have items to get rid of that are no longer in good condition.

Search for bulk items that you can book a pick up for.

What is illegal dumping?

When someone puts waste materials on City of Hamilton or private property without permission, it is considered illegal dumping.

Fines for illegal dumping can vary, however the maximum fine upon conviction is $10,000.

What is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?

Household hazardous waste items are things that you use every day like batteries and household cleaners. It also includes medications, needles, and syringes. These items are harmful if not disposed of safely.

Bring these items to a Community Recycling Centre or talk to your superintendent for proper disposal. Do not put these items in the garbage, recycling or composting bins.