Garbage & Bulk Items

Illegal Dumping

When someone puts waste materials on City or private property without the permission of the property owner it is considered illegal dumping.

Examples of illegal dumping include:

  • dumping bulk items such as couches, bags of household waste and construction materials along the roadside, escarpment or in alleyways or parks
  • placing household waste in waste collection containers that are in a park or on a street
  • placing items around a donation drop box that will not fit inside such as furniture or large toys
  • placing waste in private dumpsters

Fines for illegal dumping can vary however the maximum fine upon conviction is $10,000

Reporting illegal dumping

Be aware of activities in your neighbourhood. If you see someone illegally dumping or if there are areas where illegal dumping has occurred, call 905 546-2489. Provide as much information as you can, including:

  • make/model or license plate number of vehicle
  • description of people
  • any other information you think would help in an investigation

Do not approach anyone you believe is responsible for the dumping. City staff are trained to deal with these situations and are responsible for the investigation.

Illiegal Dumping