Avoiding Maggots

Flies are attracted to protein sources, mostly meat and bones.

Avoiding maggots in your green bin:

  • Drain as much liquid as possible from your food scraps.
  • Wrap meat scraps and bones in a sheet of newspaper before putting them in your green bin.
  • Freeze meat, fruit, and vegetables in newspaper or paper bags and then put them in your green bin the night before pick up.
  • Alternate layers of kitchen waste with layers of paper products.
  • Hang some bruised eucalyptus, bay, or mint leaves in clusters or apply dabs of herbal oil to the outside of your green bin.
  • Line the outer rim of your green bin with salt or vinegar.
  • Clean your green bin regularly using warm water and mild soap. Wash and rinse your bin on your lawn, not near gutters or storm drains because the rinse water might flow into local creeks and waterways.
  • Keep the bottom of your green cart dry by lining it with newspaper, boxboard, paper egg cartons, paper take-out trays, or greasy pizza boxes to absorb liquid and prevent material from sticking to it.
  • Eliminate or minimize smells by sprinkling your bin with vinegar or baking soda.
  • Store your green bin in a well-ventilated area.
  • Put your green bin out for pick up every week, even if it isn't full.
  • Put some weather stripping along the top of your green bin where the lid rests.

Getting rid of maggots in your green bin:

  • Open the lid to allow birds to eat the maggots.
  • Cover the maggots with lime, salt, or vinegar.
  • Spray the top and inside of your bin with vinegar.