Accessibility Services

Multi-year Accessibility Plan

The City of Hamilton is committed to ensuring that Council, all levels of corporate management and staff, plan, implement and evaluate strategies and opportunities that sustain and maintain the rights of persons with disabilities and their families to barrier-free programs, services and opportunities. In so doing, the City implements the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 according to the legislation’s standards for: Information and Communications; Employment; Transportation; Design ofPublic Spaces (Built Environment) and Customer Service.

Please review the full 2020 - 2025 Multi-year Accessibility Plan Report

Strategic Goals

There are six strategic goals outlined in the multi-year plan, demonstrating the City’s commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the AODA, 2005, Customer Service Standard and Integrated Accessibility Standards.  Each strategic goal addresses a key aspect of how we plan to design, deliver and implement policies, programs, services, resources and opportunities to persons with disabilities in an equitable manner that respects their dignity and independence, as well as takes into account the person’s disability. 

Strategic Goal One

Persons with disabilities receive equitable, inclusive and accessible customer service that meets their needs when accessing and utilizing City’s services, programs, resources and opportunities.

Strategic Goal Two

Persons with disabilities who are potential employees will be accommodated and supported throughout the recruitment, assessing, selecting and hiring process and when they are seeking advancement opportunities as employees.

Strategic Goal Three

Information and communication and supports including the City’s website and self-service kiosks are fully accessible and available in accessible formats.

Strategic Goal Four

Persons with disabilities access barrier free services and programs when using Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and Accessible Transit System (ATS).

Strategic Goal Five

City facilities are fully accessible and or will provide accessibility measures to meet the needs of persons with disabilities when accessing program, services, resources and opportunities.

Strategic Goal Six

Through training and experimental learning, staff is knowledgeable and able to recognize and identify barriers to accessibility when designing, planning, delivering and implementing services, programs and opportunities to the public as well as when procuring or acquiring goods, services or facilities.


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