Commissioning Documents

Commissioning of government-related documents

You can have certain government documents commissioned at City Clerk’s. City Clerk’s does not notarize any documents. Check the Yellow Pages under Notaries Public for document notarization.

Document Type Cost (including GST)

All Provincial and Federal government documents:

  • If the document has a government logo on it, it is eligible for commissioning at City Clerk's
  • The Ministry of Transportation of Vehicle Ownership - Family Gift Form is an example of a Provincial document.
  • The Statutory Declaration for a lost passport is an example of a Federal document.
  • Affidavits related to Delayed Birth Registration, Marriage, and Change of Name
  • Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief for Child Form for vaccines required for children in daycare
  • Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Form for school vaccines required by Public Health Services

Affidavits required by Provincial and Federal government agencies that are not on a prescribed form such as:

  • Travel letter from parent(s) giving permission for child to travel with other parent or adult
  • Sponsoring family members to visit from abroad

Affidavits related to City Business

  • Planning Department Application Forms
  • CityHousing Hamilton

Proof of residency

You must bring:

  • Photo ID with signature and proof of address

If you own a home in Hamilton or rent and the landlord has added you to the tax roll as a tenant, City Clerk's can provide a letter stating that you are alive, and live in Hamilton.


Foreign pensions

You must bring:

  • Photo ID showing your address
  • All pension documents received from the pensioning country
  • Pension forms with English translation section (most countries provide this)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Affidavits required by financial institutions
  • Any other personal affidavits that are not City, Provincial or Federal government-related

You do not need an appointment to have your document commissioned.

To have a document commissioned, go to:

City Clerk's Office
71 Main St. W, 1st floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5

You need to bring:

  • The documents you want commissioned.
  • $24 (including GST) per document; payable by cash, debit, credit card or cheque.
  • Photo identification including driver’s license, passport or photo health card.  If you use your health card you also need to bring a current bill with your name and address because the health card does not have your address printed on it.

Commissioning of non-government documents

Check the Government of Ontario’s Information Centre for a list of documents they will commission or call 1-800-267-8097. This service is not provided through the City of Hamilton.

The Government Information Centre is located at the:
Ellen Fairclough Building
119 King Street West, Main Lobby
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y7