Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner performs his duties on a part-time, as needed basis, and does not have a permanent office in the City of Hamilton.

If you have any questions about the function and duties of the Integrity Commissioner please contact:

Principles Integrity
30 Haddon Street, Toronto ON  M5M 3M9  
Email [email protected]
Phone 647-259-8697

The Integrity Commissioner helps ensure members of Council:

The Integrity Commissioner reports directly to Council and performs four basic roles:

1. Advisory

  • Provides advice to Council to prevent potential violations of the Code of Conduct
  • Reviews the Code of Conduct to ensure it meets the needs of Council
  • Provides advice to the public on matters relating to the conduct of Council

2. Education

  • Educates members of Council on the Code of Conduct and integrity
  • Educates the public on the expected conduct of the members of Council through the development of a website

3. Complaint investigation 

  • Assesses complaints from the public to determine their validity
  • Investigates valid complaints
  • Reports the results of the investigations to Council and the public

4. Complaint adjudication

  • Determines whether a member of Council has violated a City protocol, by-law or policy governing ethical behaviour
  • Administers appropriate discipline as outlined in the By-Law for members found in violation of the Code of Conduct
  • Reports the results of an investigation through Council

The Integrity Commissioner does not have authority over the conduct of City employees. Read more about the role of the Integrity Commissioner By-Law No. 16-288.

The Integrity Commissioner has authority over members of Council and enforces the Code of Conduct. The Integrity Commissioner does not have jurisdiction over the rules of procedure; that falls to the Ontario Ombudsman. The Integrity Commissioner also does not have jurisdiction over the conduct of City employees or the conduct of members of committees who are not members of Council.

There are other types of complaints where the Integrity Commissioner does not have authority because they are covered by existing legislation or regulatory mechanisms such as an allegation that may involve a contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada. This is a police matter.