City Hall Community Exhibits

Community Exhibits

The City will conduct a request for applications from individuals or organizations for exhibits that provide information on community initiatives and promote community events.

How to apply

To apply to use the City Hall community exhibit space, complete and submit:

You can submit the application and signed protocol by:

Apply at least six months before you want to use the space for an exhibit.

Staff will email or phone you indicating if your application was approved or declined. All decisions are final and not subject to review.

The following City Hall exhibit topics were requested by Council members, volunteer committees of Council, community organizations and City departments:

  • Our History - exhibits illustrating the history of Hamilton and the communities of Ancaster, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Stoney Creek and Dundas, including historical corporate history photos (i.e. mayors)|
  • Our Community - exhibits providing information on community initiatives and promoting community events
  • Our Government - exhibits providing information from the City regarding government functions which includes:
    • a duty which the City is required to perform by law (i.e. health and safety information);
    • activities necessary to conduct the City's business (i.e. registration information);
    • public educational activities engaged in traditionally by the City (i.e. awareness weeks, holiday celebrations);
    • information related to the functions and activities of the City (i.e. municipal projects, awards); and,
    • information regarding Hamilton’s Twin Cities

We evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

1. Connection to programs or services in Hamilton presented at or about the same time.

2. Educational significance, particularly as it relates to the Hamilton community.

3. Suitability for display to a diverse audience, including but not limited to persons with disabilities, children and employees.

4. Availability of City Hall exhibit spaces.

Exhibit proposals received from Hamilton-based individuals and organizations are given preference for City Hall spaces over proposals from individuals and organizations based in other cities.

Here are the requirements for installation of community exhibits:

  1. Exhibit materials must be in stable condition and suitable in scale, materials and form for display in City Hall for the anticipated display period.
  2. The City will not accept items that, due to the manner of construction, materials, or any other factor, may pose a threat to public safety.
  3. Requirements for installation including set-up and electrical needs, custodial services, and de-installation of the exhibit are the financial and personal responsibility of the exhibitor and must be coordinated with City staff prior to installation.
  4. The exhibits must remain within the defined exhibit space. No materials can be affixed to the walls, floors or other building features using any tape, adhesives, nails, hooks or screws. The repair of any damage to the wall, floors or other building features is at the cost of the exhibitor.
  5. With the assistance of City staff, exhibitors must give consideration to the City of Hamilton’s Barrier Free Design Guidelines and Customer Service Standard Policies, where applicable, when installing exhibits.

Contact us

We encourage you to contact us in advance of making an application in order to ensure suitability of your exhibit and assist you in  preparing your submission.
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 8080
Email: [email protected]