City Hall Community Exhibits

Exhibit Spaces

There are many exhibit spaces in City Hall located in areas used by City employees and the public. These spaces have been selected and defined in consideration of accessibility, health and safety and heritage. Any changes to the heritage attributes as defined by Hamilton’s By-law No. 06-011 require a Heritage Permit under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Location Exhibit Space Topic Purpose
1. Ground & second floors City Hall monitors (LCD displays and kiosks) Our government
  • To inform the public about City-led events, important dates and public meetings.
  • To promote the City's corporate priorities.
2. Ground floor Brochure racks in hallway next to the Business Development Centre Our government
  • Information related to the Business Development Centre
3. Ground floor Brochure racks in the Service Centre Our government
  • Corporate information such as events, programs or services
4. Ground floor Lobby alcove area Our history
  • Permanent exhibit illustrating the history of Hamilton
5. Second floor Lobby areas and floor spaces outside the Mayor’s and Councillors’ offices
  • Our community
  • Our government
  • Temporary community exhibits of interest to a citywide audience.
  • City of Hamilton seasonal and horticultural exhibits.
6. Second floor Wall space outside of Council Chambers Our history
  • Permanent “Mayors of Hamilton” portrait gallery of past mayors of Hamilton (1847 - present)
7. Second floor Glass cabinets on wall  outside of Council Chambers  Our government
  • Displays of awards received by the City, including Hamilton City Hall BOMA Awards (provincial and national)
8. Second floor Glass cabinets along wall outside of Councillors’ offices Our government
  • Rotating exhibits illustrating Twin City relationships
Meeting Rooms - ground and second floors Wall spaces of rooms 171, 192, 193, 222, 287 Our history
  • Permanent displays of the histories of Ancaster, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Stoney Creek and Dundas
Unused space Any areas unused on the ground and second floors accessible to the public Our history, our community, our creativity and our government
  • To be determined by Senior Management Team as required

Unless otherwise identified in this City Hall Exhibit Protocol, temporary exhibits will be displayed for a maximum of four months.

The City is not responsible for maintaining or protecting any artifact or other exhibit item on display at City Hall. Your Exhibit Application Form includes a waiver releasing the City from liability for loss or damage to the works and items on display and an indemnification for claims arising from the exhibit.

You cannot use the exhibit space for sales or fundraising. The exhibitor or exhibitor's agent may include contact information along with the display, but the City will not facilitate the sale of any item or solicit funds for fundraising campaigns. Interested donors and buyers are to contact the exhibitor directly.

You must obtain copyrights, licences and any other permission necessary to display the artifacts and for providing accurate captions.

Here are the procedures outlines in the protocol for exhibits:

  • Temporary community exhibits will be in place for a maximum of four months.
  • Mundialization and Twin City exhibits will be in place for a maximum of one year.
  • The City assumes no financial responsibility for exhibit costs beyond custodial services.
  • You must agree to provide an indemnity, defence and hold harmless to the City for damages arising out of the exhibition of their community displays.
  • The City reserves the right to remove any item from an exhibit or change the display if it:
    • does not match your application
    • is a possible health and safety hazard
    • is too large or otherwise inappropriate for the space
    • creates a maintenance problem
    • interferes with public service or other activities
    • violates the law or City policy
  • The City does not provide property insurance coverage for exhibits not owned by the City.
  • The City assumes no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of exhibit items while on display at City Hall.
  • You must carry Commercial General Liability Insurance with a $5 million limit of coverage. Non-professional exhibitors may be eligible for insurance coverage under the City of Hamilton Game Day Insurance Program. Call 905-540-5590 for more information.