Ministry Orders

To ensure the ongoing delivery of high quality programs and services to the community, City staff and other levels of government monitor our work to make sure that we continue to be compliant with various government regulations and Acts. Ministries of the provincial and federal governments have the authority to issue orders to municipalities to comply with requirements under these regulations and Acts. Ministries may order municipalities to perform certain work or activities, or prepare, submit and implement a plan for achieving compliance with a requirement or requirements under a particular Act deemed necessary by the Ministry.

Active and Closed Ministry Orders for the City of Hamilton:


Issued to: Synagro
Issued by: Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Date: October 13, 2021
Reason: Deficiencies with the elevator, (emergency lighting, alarm, two way communication, clearances, identification, GFI protection)
Status: Open, provided to Synagro.

Issued to: City of Hamilton
Issued by: Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Date: July 14, 2021
Reason: Failed inspection, boiler and pressure vessels require annual inspection and valid insurance. Tri cocks and water column isolation valves were seized, maintenance last completed in 2019, post COI was expired
Status: Active

Issued to: Wentworth Lodge
Issued by: Ministry of Long Term Care
Date: November 10, 2020
Reason: Non-compliance
Status: Active

Issued to: Public Works - Woodward Ave WWTP
Issued by: Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
Date: November 28, 2019
Status: Active

Visit for more information about the spill including frequently asked questions, publicly released reports related to the discharge, and a chronology of events.


Issued to: City of Hamilton – Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant
Issued by: Ministry of Labour
Date: March 12, 2021
Reason: Anonymous complaint
Status: Closed

MLTSD Field Visit Report (March 12, 2021) (PDF, 494 KB)
MLTSD Field Visit Report Continuation (March 31, 2021) (PDF, KB)

Issued to:  City of Hamilton – Water & Wastewater
Issued by:  Ministry of Labour
Date:  November 12, 2020
Reason: Forklift needed certification
Status: Closed

The Ministry of Labour issued the City a notice of compliance 

Issued to: City of Hamilton
Issued by: Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Date: September 25, 2020
Reason: The safety valves on the equipment noted below are not less than 5 years old and shall be recertified by a certified safety valve agent, or be replaced. safety valve on compressor by boiler room dated 2011, expired, please replace. Please check other compressed air systems for date
Status: Closed - November 23, 2020

Updates: Affirmation of completion was issued to TSSA by email on December 8, 2020

Issued to: Public Works - Civic Operations Centre/349 Jones Road
Issued by: Ministry of Labour
Date: January 17, 2020
Reason: Response to a work refusal
Status: Closed - January 31, 2020

The Ministry of Labour issued the City notices of compliance for both parts of this order.