City of Hamilton Brand

Our brand promise

City of Hamilton escarpment view
The City’s vision for the future

Our brand is an extension of who we are, and where we strive to be. The City’s Strategic Plan calls for providing quality public services that contribute to a healthy, safe and prosperous community, in a sustainable manner.

In providing these services, we see ourselves as becoming the best place in Canada to raise a child, promote innovation, engage citizens and foster diverse economic opportunities.

Our vision is built on three strategic pillars:

A prosperous and healthy community

We enhance our image, economy and well-being by demonstrating the City of Hamilton is a great place to live, work, learn and play.

Valued and sustainable services
We deliver high quality services that meet citizen needs and expectations in a cost-effective and responsible manner.

Leadership and governance

We work together to ensure we are a government that is respectful towards each other and that the community has confidence and trust in.


Our brand identity


City of Hamilton logo

City of Hamilton logoThe City’s logo is the most recognizable element of our branding system. It identifies the City of Hamilton within the community and to the wider world. The logo should appear on all correspondence, publications, signage, vehicles and equipment.

Our logo is made up of an icon, the logo’s symbol, and a wordmark – the underscored “Hamilton” beneath the icon. Solid and traditional, our logo exemplifies the strength of character found in our dependable, upright and stable City.

The Bridge

City of Hamilton logoThe logo’s “bridge” is representative of two City landmarks – the High Level Bridge on York Boulevard and the Skyway Bridge. The High Level Bridge is reminiscent of our heritage – the proud and determined people with heart and industrial strength who built a foundation for future prosperity.

The Skyway Bridge is symbolic of the City’s present-day and future opportunities. It represents the proven innovation of well-established industries, such as steel. It is also indicative of growth in new sectors, such as healthcare and education.

The Pillars

City of Hamilton logoThe supporting pillars coupled with the bridge form a stylized letter “H.” The pillars represent each of the City’s six amalgamated communities, making the logo appropriate, distinct and memorable for the City of Hamilton.

Learn more about the City's logo usage guidelines on pg. 7 of the City of Hamilton's Brand Guidelines (PDF, 3.15 MB)


Our brand experience

Living in our city

The City of Hamilton is a top destination for newcomers to Canada – making it an inviting model of diversity. More than 24% of our residents were born outside of Canada, and were drawn to our City for the same reasons as those who already lived here.

Top 8 non-official languages spoken in the city: Top 8 non-official languages spoken in the City of Hamilton

Economic life and workforce

We are a historically industrious city, with deep roots in manufacturing. Today, Hamilton is a hub of innovation and is enjoying substantial growth in emerging sectors, such as healthcare – which employs about 30,000 people.

We’re getting noticed at home, and abroad:

Quote icon“Top Investment City in Canada”
- Site Selection Magazine, U.S.

Quote icon“Top location for investment”
- Real Estate Investment Network, Calgary, Alberta

Quote icon“Top North American City”
- FDI Magazine, U.S.

Learning… and playing in our city

Higher education
Hamilton plays host to a number of outstanding university, college and research institutions. We’re widely recognized as a post-secondary learning destination for students and faculty in Canada, and abroad.

Visiting our city
A rich history coupled with natural wonder and a vibrant arts and culture landscape makes Hamilton a top tourist destination. Our city offers visitors:

  • Lush trails along the Niagara Escarpment
  • An outdoor playground on the southern shores of Lake Ontario
  • A wealth of museums, galleries, libraries, entertainment venues, recreational facilities, parks and conservation areas 

Learn more about the City's brand experience on pg. 23 of the City of Hamilton's Brand Guidelines (PDF, 3.15 MB)


Our brand expression

Our “voice”

We are one city with one voice to represent our brand across all departments and services. Our voice is:

  • active to engage citizens
  • friendly & approachable
  • genuine
  • knowledgeable

Our voice aims to be easily understood by everyone, including newcomers to municipal services and people who speak English as a second language. We use a clear, concise and simple style of language to answer questions, solve problems and offer clarity about confusing or contentious issues.


Creative photography of the City and its citizens is a powerful tool to capture and communicate our brand story, while enhancing our image and inspiring new perceptions about our city.

Photographic images should provide people with unique references that reflect our city, and set it apart. Stock images should never be used in favour of original photography that provides meaningful context.

Online video

Video is a powerful online tool to share the City’s brand story, communicate messages and inspire action. When it comes to video, authenticity is key. Staged scenarios can appear false or insincere.

Videos should provide current, relevant content that adds value to our brand and enhances the viewer’s experience and knowledge.

Social media

Twitter has become an important tool for Communications by all departments in the City. Managed by Corporate Communications, @CityofHamilton shares proactive messages about City programs, services and projects while also being responsive to inquiries from residents of Hamilton.

Learn more about the City's brand expression on pg. 13 of the City of Hamilton's Brand Guidelines (PDF, 3.15 MB)

City of Hamilton waterfalls
City of Hamilton Gore Park promenade
City of Hamilton trails

Our opportunity

Sharing our brand story

Backed by a strong brand, the City has the opportunity to effectively communicate what makes us unique, and the values and goals that bind our communities together.
Together, we can:

  • Instill civic pride, active citizenry and unwavering loyalty in our key audiences – residents, businesses, newcomers and students, among others.
  • Drive trust in the City and positive sentiments towards our work.
  • Express our brand story beyond City limits. We can share with the world that the City is a welcoming host to new investments and visitors.
  • Spread word that the City fosters exceptional quality of life. We’re a vibrant community rich in history, natural wonder and culture, and a great place to live, work, learn and play.
  • Reinforce our vision of the future and our promise to stakeholders.