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2021 Community in Motion Award winners announced

HAMILTON, ON - Six recipients of the 2021 Community in Motion Awards have been recognized for their contributions to the city through promoting the use of healthy and sustainable ways of transportation.

Awards are given to individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations that demonstrate outstanding efforts in promoting cycling, walking, and/or transit usage by creating a friendly environment for these modes through infrastructure, promotional/education programs, or other similar initiatives.

The six award winners can be found on the City’s website: Community in Motion Award Winners

Quick Facts

  • The Community in Motion Award recognizes members of the community who have made efforts to actively support and promote the use of healthy and sustainable forms of transportation such as walking, cycling, and public transit.
  • The awards are given to an individual, school, and business or organization that fosters a culture of active transportation within the City.


“Congratulations to our 2021 Community in Motion Award winners for the contributions they have made to our city through being champions of healthy and sustainable transportation methods. Their commitment to our community makes Hamilton an even better place to live.”

- Mayor Fred Eisenberger

“The 2021 Community in Motion Award winners are championing a healthier and more sustainable Hamilton through the way they encourage our community in their transportation decisions. Their input and the way they live their lives is changing the culture of our city to one that we can be proud of and that reflects our commitment to the future of Hamilton.”

- Brian Hollingworth, Director, Transportation Planning and Parking Division

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