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Annual business and employment survey taps into local knowledge

HAMILTON, ON – To plan for the future and support local business, the City of Hamilton is launching its annual employment and business counts’ survey. A delegation of students will be hitting the streets, beginning today, to gather this important information from Hamilton’s businesses this summer.

The survey information and feedback from businesses help the City of Hamilton in planning for future facilities, initiatives and address planning issues across the city. The survey taps into the knowledge of its local businesses for this.

It’s important the City has current information to address immediate and long term planning and development opportunities. Since the survey is undertaken on an annual basis, it allows the City to assess business growth, trends and changes and see comparisons from one year to the next. It also assists the City in monitoring the extent, nature and location of employment and land use. The changing economic conditions in Hamilton are also put under the lens through the survey.

Students will be going door to door, with tablets in hand, to gather the data. The information collected, directly from employers, is treated strictly as confidential. Survey information will only be released to show general employment patterns and trends without revealing information on individual businesses.

“This annual survey gives us the opportunity to outline trends in business growth and supports the City’s efforts to receive direct input from the business community. This feedback is put into actionable plans to help improve the way we support and build Hamilton through our business community." - Mayor Fred Eisenberger

“We appreciate that business owners take time out of their day to help us with this. The information we gather, in the annual employment and business survey, allows us to plan better, think better and envision new ideas based on this direct feedback. We will be able to look for trends and assess employment growth which, in turn, helps us to support business in a strategic, proactive way.” - Jason Thorne, General Manager of Planning and Economic Development

Business owners are also encouraged to take the survey, at their convenience, at:

For more information about the survey, contact us at 905-546-2424 Ext. 1292