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Celebrate Sara Calder Day at Battlefield House Museum

Hamilton, ON – One hundred and seventy-two years ago, the strong-willed woman who would one day lead the preservation of the Gage homestead and site of the Battle of Stoney Creek, was born. In celebration of Sara Calder’s birthday on Sunday, August 19, Battlefield House Museum is offering free admission to the Museum from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and launching the new Women’s Wentworth Historical Society exhibit at 2 pm.

Sara Calder was born on August 19, 1846. She was the grand-daughter of James and Mary Gage, original owners of the home that is known today as Battlefield House Museum. She was also the daughter of Ann Eliza Gage, whose family’s farm was the site of the Battle of Stoney Creek on June 6, 1813.  As an adult, Sara helped to form the Women’s Wentworth Historical Society which purchased the Gage homestead in 1899, opening it and Battlefield Park to the public. Sara was also the driving force behind the construction of the now-iconic 100-foot-high Battlefield Monument that stands as a symbol of peace and commemorates the soldiers who died in the Battle of Stoney Creek.

About Battlefield House Museum & Park

Battlefield House Museum & Park National Historic Site is owned and operated by the City of Hamilton and is located at 77 King St. W. in Stoney Creek. The Georgian-style homestead is the site where the Gage family was held in the cellar as the Battle of Stoney Creek raged outside. Built in 1796, Battlefield House provides visitors the opportunity to experience life in Upper Canada during the early 1800s. 

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