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City Council appoints new Ward 5 Councillor

HAMILTON, ON – At today’s special meeting of City Council, Russ Powers was appointed as Ward 5 Councillor. 

Powers has more than 30 years of political experience as both a former Hamilton Ward Councillor, a Member of Parliament and has been an active leader in committees that impact the municipality. Some of his past roles include president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, national vice-president of the Canadian Urban Transit Association, director of the International Joint Commission for the Great Lakes, as well as chair and commissioner of the Niagara Escarpment Commission.

He was also named the Community of Dundas’ Citizen of the Year in 2016 and has been inducted into the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Roll of Honour. 

The appointment is effective until a new Council is sworn in after the 2022 Municipal and School Board Election. A total of 21 candidates participated in the appointment process. Each candidate was given an opportunity to address Council at today’s meeting.

City Council voted to use an appointment process to fill this vacancy at its meeting in September.

More information about the appointment process and the applicants is available at

“Thank you to all the candidates who put themselves forward to fill the Council vacancy in Ward 5. The candidates who presented themselves for consideration all presented strong qualifications as well as a tremendous love for, and commitment to, our community. I thank them for their participation and their many contributions both past and those yet to come. Thank you! Congratulations to Russ Powers for stepping up to serve our community once again.” - Mayor Fred Eisenberger

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