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City of Hamilton Building Permits surpass $1 Billion for 2016

HAMILTON, ON - December 8, 2016 - The City of Hamilton’s Chief Building Official, Ed VanderWindt, today announced that the city has officially surpassed $1 billion dollars’ worth of construction for 2016 – $1,010,000 to be exact as of this afternoon.  

City breaks record on number of Building Permits issued

The $1 billion target represents 8,741 building projects in the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors – the highest number ever.

This marks the sixth time over the last seven years where the City has hit the billion dollar mark – and also one of the leading Ontario cities to do so this year.

“The high number of permits is an indicator of a higher volume of many different projects, whereas in previous years, there was usually a single major project that took us over the top,” says Mr. VanderWindt.

2016 saw many building permits for small businesses, from newly established to expanded existing operations – a further indicator of economic growth, supporting the Conference Board of Canada’s recent forecast indicating Hamilton's economy will expand by 2 per cent in 2017.

“This is very affirming,” says the City of Hamilton’s newly appointed Director of Economic Development, Glen Norton. “This confirms that local business owners are continuing to invest in Hamilton and there’s an ongoing confidence that if you have an idea, our city is the place to make it happen.”

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