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City of Hamilton is experiencing an increased number of calls about frozen pipes

HAMILTON, ON – Due to the extreme cold weather, the City of Hamilton has experienced an increased number of residential frozen water pipes. 

Within the last 24 hours, Hamilton Water has received close to 100 calls to report frozen pipes.  To date, all frozen pipes appear to be related to conditions on private property, for example; unheated or uninsulated rooms, garages or crawlspaces within which water lines exist. The reports of frozen pipes are randomly distributed throughout the entire city.

City staff are working diligently to monitor the frost depth, and at the current time there is no risk for frozen services developing on the public portion of the water service.

To learn about how to prevent frozen pipes, what to do if your pipes are frozen, and how to report frozen pipes visit

Residents are asked to report frozen services by contacting the City’s Customer Contact Centre at 905-546-2489.

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